A little bit about us and your accommodations !


The Huracan house is a single story house with 4 guest rooms. The main house is more like a Lodge type house and accommodates a maximum of 8 people at a time with additional accommodations within a two minute walk allowing us to house and serve up to 15 people in total. The owner of the establishment lives in a separate part of the house.

Dining is served outside on our shaded deck and the kitchen is integrated in the same building.The setup is very “family-like” and you will have your privacy and still experience the coziness, and the friendliness of the Belizean staff.

The house, made entirely from Belizean hardwood was formerly built as a Hurricane Shelter and has been completely remodeled to accommodate guests. It makes the house look authentic, stylish and cozy.The 4 rooms are very much alike.  All of them can either have 2 single beds or 1 king sized bed.

All rooms have their own full bathroom with hot and cold showers. We do not offer any air conditioning since all of our electrical systems run off of our solar and wind system, but all rooms are equipped with a fan and a little island breeze.

Regular 110 Volt outlets are available in every room allowing you to charge most electronic devices. We have wireless internet (WiFi) available, but we ask you to bring your own device (laptop, tablet). The wireless is limited and can only be used to send emails without attachments. There are no phones in any of our rooms and you will find your natural television right outside our doorstep.

Stay On Your Own Self Sufficient  Eco Island Paradise

In The Middle Of The Best Diving In All Belize

Long Caye borders the southwestern side of Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  It is 2 1/4 miles in length, 3/4 miles at its widest point and approximately 650 acres.  As the dominant landmass within Lighthouse Reef, Long Caye's protected lagoons and mangroves provide habitat for an abundance of tropical wildlife, such as breeding fish, rare birds, sea turtles and iguanas, to name a few.

Long Caye offers extraordinary opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, photography, sailing, recreational and sport fishing, sea kayaking, bird watching, swimming, relaxing and exploring in the midst of Caribbean magnificence.

Broad Eco-Guidelines are in place to provide policies and procedures that ensure minimal impact on natural habitats. They allow for responsible and sustainable decisions such as on the Caye, which support the health of the diverse flora and fauna and natural processes.

Surrounded by vibrant walls of coral with an associated marine ecosystem that extends for miles, this magnificent island paradise is within a few minutes boat ride to Half Moon Caye bird sanctuary, the Great Blue Hole and some of the world's most pristine coral reefs and dive sites, including the Aquarium, Half Moon Wall and Cathedral.

Many different sustainable technologies are available and constantly improving. Solar power, rainwater collection, composting toilets, greywater treatment systems and efficient appliances are examples of the technology applicable to living within the Eco-Guidelines on Long Caye. 

This will surely be a trip and memory of a life time for anyone seeking an undisturbed, relaxing and private adventure,

with some of the best diving and fishing our planet has to offer.

Our Chef will prepare 3 fresh meals for our guests daily. We will serve a Full Breakfast Buffet with fresh baked breads, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruits, eggs and bacon, or any special request you might have.We serve a one course Full Size Lunch and light dessert as well as other snacks if you are still hungry. Last but not least for our Dinner Experience, we feature a 3 -4 course meal with soup, appetizer, entree and dessert.


We know it takes a lot of energy diving multiple times daily, so we do our best to keep everyone well fed and happy and try to fulfill any request our guests may have.

We like to serve fresh things and a healthy diet of seafood purchased straight from the fishermen at the end of the dock and or caught by us, as well as Belizean shrimp and chicken.We always make sure you have a variety of pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fresh fruit, to keep you healthy and full of energy for the following days of diving and island activities.

King Size Bed & Bath

Relax After A Day Of Diving

World Famous Dining


Blue Hole

Half Moon

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